COUNTERPLAN is a group of 'Think Different+Map Different=Map Thinking' town planners and economists, committed to providing interactive mapped analysis of economic systems through data and tools to make cities, towns and places better. We understand that growth alone may not be the answer to the creation of a strong social foundation to a local economic system. That's why we pull together local indicators of health, income, equality, gross value added, education, housing and employment and map the outcomes to provide a visual indication of a local economic system.


We love to create brilliant and innovative processes to help you understand and then convert data analysis into Interactive maps, because that is the most efficient way of communicating a new way of thinking about local economic systems.


We understand the importance of producing meaningful, easily interpreted analysis, designed for the viewer. We do this by thorough data discovery, analysis and GIS Mapping.


Ask us for more information to find out how we can help you with our 'think different' approach to how economic system relationships interlink with thinking data analysis and GIS mapping.