Free Job Creation Calculator Employment Estimator

Our Free Job Creation Calculator tool uses data from the Homes and Communities Agency’s Employment Densities Guide, 2015 (3rd Edition), which uses the floorspace occupied by a specific use to calculate the number of jobs that are potentially created by that use. We use this baseline, together with other data/research regarding flex-desk and remote working practices to calculate the number of jobs. Working and operating practices therefore have an impact on the potential number of employees per floor area, which in turn determines the level of economic impact created by a development. This version does not take account of the likely movement of workers between locations and possible transfer of workers between employers.

Forecasting employment through the amount of floorspace is a high level methodology that will provide a fairly reasonable measure of job creation. What this tool does not provide is a local economic assessment of all factors that will affect the actual number of NEW jobs created. Economic measures such as Additionality, Displacement, Dead-Weight and Leakage should be taken into account.

We offer a full analysis of the local economic impact of development, re-development and re-use of buildings by using baselines that are set at small geographic level. Impacts can then be mapped to allow greater DNA discovery.

Community iMPACT Model

The combination of construction costs, construction benefits and jobs created through occupancy can be used to calculate wider economic impacts to the local community of a specific project. Our Community iMPACT Model calculates these benefits. Contact us for an insight.


This version of the free job creation calculator tool is not calibrated to your local economy and as such should not be relied upon for property, investment or financing valuation or economic appraisals requiring central government approval. COUNTERPLAN LLC accept no liability for the use of the Job Creation Calculator beyond basic forecasting and initial assessment of potential impact.