Jobs Created from Construction and Development

Our free construction jobs created calculation is based on Homes and Communities Agency Data (HCA data)?and total estimated cost of construction. The methodology used forecasts the impact of construction activity in terms of FTE (full time equivalent) jobs created. Note that FTE job numbers will be lower than if we counted various trades as individual jobs, as these jobs would be present on site for only a period of the build. All jobs are therefore accounted and assembled as FTE year long.

Community iMPACT Model

The combination of construction costs, construction benefits and jobs created through occupancy can be used to calculate wider social value and economic impacts to the local community. ?Contact for more information.


This version of the calculator is not calibrated to your local economy and as such should not be relied upon for property, investment or financing valuation or economic appraisals requiring central government approval. COUNTERPLAN LLC accept no liability for the use of the Construction Benefit Calculator beyond basic forecasting and initial assessment of potential impact.