Free Build Cost Estimator

This free tool estimates the approximate cost of construction and site development of various project types. Select the region of the UK that the project is located, the type of project, the floorspace and year of construction. Add estimates for % of contingency, site preparation, demolition, accessory buildings and professional fees.

Community iMPACT Model

The combination of build costs, construction benefits and jobs created through occupancy can be used to calculate wider economic impacts to the local community of a specific project. Our Community iMPACT Model calculates these benefits. Contact us for an insight.


This version of the estimator is not specifically calibrated to the specifics of a particular project and as such should not be relied upon for property, build cost estimation, investment or financing valuation or economic appraisals. DNA city LLC (COUNTERPLAN) accept no liability for the use of the Build Cost Estimator beyond basic forecasting and initial assessment of potential project costs.