Mapping the Economic Value of Pubs

Pubs are often seen as an indicator of the health of social interaction. A report by IPPR, the Institute for Public Policy Research, titled ‘The Social Value of Community Pubs’ set out to quantify the social value of pubs in their communities. We combined this methodology with data from the Office for national statistics (ONS) to form a ranking for pubs in Local Authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales.

The map is interactive and identifies the rank of each Local Authority, weighted per capita. A rank of 1 is an indication of a high economic value and a rank of 0 indicates a low economic value. Tables of the top 10 and bottom 10 ranked areas are listed below. Outside of the two London Boroughs, the majority of the higher ranked areas that show most economic value per capita are located in Wales, Northern England and the South West. Download our booklet ECONOMIC VALUE OF PUBS



1. City of London
2. Isles of Scilly
3. Derbyshire Dales
4. Westminster
5. Scarborough
6. Eden
7. Craven
8. Richmondshire
9. Ryedale
10. West Devon


381. Luton
380. Harrow
379. Barnet
378. Enfield
377.  Slough
376.  Redbridge
375.  Waltham Forest
374.  East Renfrewshire
373.  Newham
372.  Barking and Dagenham

 Pubs and Community Wellbeing

There have been other similar research by the University of York on behalf of the Vintners Federation of Ireland. The study looked at the role village pubs play in local communities in Ireland and how they contributed to rural supply chains and local employment as well as community wellbeing and social engagement.

Northumbria University in coordination with Leeds University collected information from several sources to create an index measuring levels of community cohesion and well-being within communities across 284 parishes in England.  The findings demonstrated that pubs had a positive impact on social engagement and involvement.